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I recently updated to Internet Explorer 8, and it just rocks! One of the new shiny features that’s been added to IE8 is Web Accelerators. I’ve just written some to make my life easier a bit. Hope you find them handy.

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Remember, Accelerators work only in IE8, and clicking on these links in other browsers will just show the XML source of accelerators :)

It took me really half an hour to grasp the manual and write these six accelerators – thanks Microsoft for such an easy and productive platform.

Some useful links:

P.S. And I've just created another one accelerator – “Find broken links on a page”. It allows you to use W3C links checker utility to quickly check if any of your links on the page are broken – just right click on a page to get the context menu, go to Accelerators and press “Find broken links” :) May be really useful.

I submitted four of my IE8 accelerators to a IE8 Addons gallery today and now waiting for approval :) Hope they will be approved and I’ll create more!

P.S. To submit your new Accelerator or Webslice, you need to register at, then go to the Upload page, provide name, description, screenshot and XML of your Accelerator and then wait for the approval :)

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