Windows Live

I’ve just updated Windows Live Messenger to version 2009. It also offered to install other Windows Live tools, which I did. And you know what – Windows Live Writer rocks! Before I was using Microsoft Office 2007 Word for writing and publishing blogposts and it was doing it job, but now I’ve got a lightweight and really easy-to-use tool to manage my blog. And it’s free so I can install it on my laptop (which has got only Outlook 2007 on it). It can save any post as a draft, edit it later, it’s got live preview tool (which works amazingly fast), you can either work with wysiwyg or with plain html code – and I bet this is the cleanest wysiwyg I’ve ever seen. I really mean it – it generates absolutely clean HTML, and it uses my blog visual theme!

And the configuration process was great as well – I just entered my blog url, username and password, it fetched the theme information and that’s all – I’m writing, previewing and publishing posts!

So, the key features of Windows Live Writer (for me) are:

Good stuff, Live Team, thanks!

P.S. for more information, read this blogpost.

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