ITIL Conference

I've recently visited OSPConf on business processes automation and ITIL. Was held at Radisson SAS hotel – quite a nice hotel, the launch was brilliant, the loos were not better than ***. But the conference was brilliant – there were top IT guys from HP, IBS, Megafon, Naumen, InlineGroup, IT Expert. Was really interesting to listen about the ITSM implementation in current investments-greedy crisis world. What I found out for myself was that if in your company and IT dept management is done properly, crisis won’t affect you or even if it does, you’ll be able to easily explain to business what value it will lose if they cut investments or stop projects. So all the management practices and tools are for making all the work really transparent so that managers and CEO can focus and spend more time on strategic decisions rather than on operational routines. I had all these thoughts flying in my head, but when I listened to speech of CBR IT chief, all the thoughts got sorted in a proper way.

And I also have to note that ITSM software is not that expensive for SME – excellent Omnitracker costs from €12000 and it’s got everything your company might need, plus API for integration, plus additional templates – it will automate everything.

However, the consultancy will be around 10 times more expensive. But again – nothing stops your company to send your own IT guys for training and save a fortune :)

So thanks for all the interesting stuff, OSP! The conference was really worthy to visit! Will probably write a couple more blog posts on the topic as soon as I get all my thoughts in order :)

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