Vitaly Sharovatov


Developer advocate, manager, engineer, mentor

~22 years of experience in IT

About me

I specialise in working with people: engineers, communities, and companies. I know how to facilitate and encourage people to work better, teams to form, deliver and grow, and companies to be more successful.

I began my career as a system administrator in 2001, managing networks and Active Directory. In 2004, I transitioned to web development, gained experience in Javascript, C#, and php, and started blogging on web-dev topics.

In 2007, I began leading teams. My passion lies in andragogy and mentorship, I have mentored over 40 developers and 25 engineering managers.

I am a quality enthusiast and believe that individuals should take pride in their work and companies should aim to produce quality products.

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Archived blog posts

This is the old blog I had from 2005 till 2014: